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René Crocodile

René Crocodile

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"René Jacaré Caimannone is a yacané caiman born in Pantanal, Brazil, but a big part of his family is from Corrientes, Argentina, so he speaks both languages. Luckily, he's not a jootballfan. Rene is a geographer and works as a freelancer for National Geographic and the most prestigious universities in the world. He doesn't believe in stereotypes or the pre-established, especially in fashion or dress codes, so he wears only things that make him happy: Lately, René doesn't go out without his blue bow tie and the party hat from his last birthday. Life really is too short to care about the tastes and tolerance issues of others." - Pica Pau

Size: 22cm tall

Care instruction: Hand wash with warm water.

Pattern by @picapau

Please note: This item is handmade. It may have colour variations or slight imperfections. Small details may be different to pictures. 

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